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Relaxing, heartfelt piano music that comes deep from within Don's soul. It is music that is recorded as it is created and played. The music is like a conversation flowing from Don's hands on to the keys of the piano.

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Hope And Possibility Through Trauma By Don Shetterly Hope and Possibility Through Trauma

Don Shetterly

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Suffering from a somatoform disorder in 1991 (also known as a conversion disorder), Don Shetterly was paralyzed and not able to walk or take care of himself. Traumatic moments of child abuse he lived through from an early age had finally caught up with him. At age 26, Don was (read more)

Relaxing Ocean Waves, Nasa Tweetup, CNN Interview

Relaxing Ocean Waves CD released in July 2011 on iTunes & Amazon.


Nasa Tweetup For Grail Mission: 1 of the 150 selected participants. Follow me on Twitter ( @mindbodythought) or for pictures and details, see my blog. (blog updates posted 9/8/11) .


Interviewed on CNN (Headline News): August 26, 2011, I was intereviewed on CNN about a video I shot of the waves at New Smyrna Beach, while Hurricane Irene was over 260 miles away.

200 Male Survivors Come Forward On Oprah

In November 2010, a groundbreaking two part series of male survivors standing together and speaking out aired on Oprah. I was fortunate enough to be one of the audience members, an experience that has forever changed my life. I feel more empowered to speak out regarding the effects of being a male survivor of child abuse. If you or someone you know is a survivor, please go to or for help and resources. If you would like to read more about my experiences, check out my blog post.


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Give A Smiley ProjectTouch the life of someone in the world by joining the Give A Smiley Project! Touch a life with a smile.. Read more .

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